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Test 2 
1. This kind of medicine has the power to _______poison.
 A.splash B.resist C.adopt D.occupy
2. He is easily _______ so I do not like to talk with him.
 A.defended B.afforded C.created D.offended
3.I am _______ to believe that he won’t come back to see his wife again.
 A.inclined B.puzzled C.accompanied D.performed
4.Before you mail this letter, you should check again whether you have _______ it or not.
 A.sunk B.sighed C.sought D.sealed
5.After talking for nearly ten hours, he _______ to the government’s pressure at last.
 A.expressed B.yielded C.decreased D.approved
6.My hands and feet were ________ with cold as I waited for the bus.
 A. cliff B.still C.stiff D.stick
7.This problem is beyond his ability and he can not ________ it.
 A.slip B.pack C.gain D.solve
8.When you buy the spare parts for your car, try to get the _______ ones from the authorized dealer.
 A.genuine B.generous C.genius D.gentle
9.If you use _______, you can get a higher quality picture.
 A.wax B.shame C.goose D.slides
10.Who _______ this country, the people or the president? This question is not easy to answer.
 A.frightens B.differs C.displays D.governs
11.This year our university does not have any _______ to continue the international student exchange program.
 A.function B.fundamental C.funeral D.funds
12.Who is the patient being _______ on?
 A.painted B.operated C.tied D.fetched
13.Mary is _______ of music but I am not.
 A.pause B.adventure C.grammatical D.fond
14.This man has been proved _______ of murder.
 A.guilty B.spoil C.flash D.curious
15.The international situation is very _______ in the Middle East.
 A.delicious B.perfect C.delicate D.percent
16.Even though he knew that I should study, he still ______ me to go to the movies.
 A.recognized B.extended C.persuaded D.unexpected
17.We _______ that it will take another four months to finish this plan.
 A.grant B.estimate C.council D.check
18.He read the paper several times but be still _______ some printer’s errors.
 A.overlooked B.ignored C.noticed D.outlined
19.She often talks with a _______ appearance but in fact she is always telling lies.
 A.tidy B.sincere C.worship D.merry
20.If the students can not support themselves during their study in university, they may ask for a student _______ from the government.
 A.menu B.spoon C.loan D.bond
21.English has become a communication _______ for people from different countries.
 A.merit B.stream C.enjoyment D.medium
22.During the eight years war, many people _______ their blood for their country.
 A.shed B.tempted C.reserved D.devoted
23.You have greatly _______us. What you have done is not what you told us about several weeks ago.
 A.disappointed B.deserted C.clarified D.opposed
24.Before you begin writing your paper, please write ------__________ first. Then we can have a better idea about what you are going to talk about.
 A.an origin B.a detail C.an example D.an outline
25.If you ask why I plan to study in the United States, the only answer is that it is a _______ for me .
 A.chapter B.ceremony C.chamber D challenge
26.A _______ political and economic situation is very important for the development of any country.
 A.stain B.stable C.peaceful D.pink
27.The financial support is decided not only according to your GRE score, but also according to your _______ in college.
 A.performance B.policy C.smart D.statement
28.The World Trade Center is often called a _______ Building, because it is made up of two identical buildings.
 A. Alike B.Folk C.Twin D.Former
29.It is impossible for us to _______ such a difficult task within the limited time.
 A.fuel B.frown C.fulfill D.frost
30.Please do not _______ when somebody else is talking.
 A. intend B.interpret C.interupt D.invest
31.As a commander, you should not _______ the soldiers to unnecessary danger.
 A.express B.explode C.ecploit D.expose
32.This newspaper often _______ the government’s opinion, not the public opinion
 A.affects B.reacts C.reflects D.recognizes
33.Although in great danger, the wounded still did not want to _______ from the front.
 A.feedback B.backward C.withdraw D.departure
34.This movie has a _______ ending. You can not imagine who will be killed finally.
 A.dramatic B.original C.considerable D.temple
35.During the graduation _______, the president gave a wonderful opening speech.
 A.evolution B.sign C.individual D.ceremony
36.The dog _______ the rabbit but could not catch it.
 A.ceased B.chained C.checked D.chased
37.If your letter is over weight, you must pay for the _______.
 A.excess B.exceed C.checked D.chased
38.In the class the teacher asked the students to _______ their bad habits.
 A.weaken B.omit C.overcome D.overtake
39.When you study in the United States, usually you have to buy your own health _______.
 A.insurance B.expense C.evidence D.payment
40.Chocolate and ice-cream have different _______.
 A.favour B.favourites C.fever D.flavours
41.This is an _______ that will not be easily forgotten.
 A.impact B.academic C.insult D.alternative
42.Please _______ me for my rudeness. I really do not know the custom here.
 A. engage B.comfort C.execute D.forgive
43.Water and air are _______ to human beings. We can not live without them.
 A.harbour B.function C.definite D.essential
44.When the airplane takes off, the passengers are told to _______ their seat belts.
 A.fountain B.fix C.tight D.fasten
45.This is not what we asked you to do. You can not get more pay for the _______ work.
 A.owing B.device C.tired D.extra
46.My throat is _______. I cannot speak any more.
 A.sore B.purchase C.glow D.faint
47.Many years ago, a lot of factories were _______ from big cities to the mountainous areas in case of war.
 A.transferred B.transformed C.transmitted D.transported
48.He said in his letter that he would _______ some photographs but I couldn’t find anything in the envelope.
 A.case B.double C.enclose D.nonsense
49.Many English words are _______ from Latin.
 A.displayed B.spread C.lost D.derived
50.I feel _______ to say that I can not believe what he said.
 A.wanted B.observed C.obliged D.wandered
1.B 2.D 3.A 4.D 5.B 6.C 7.D 8.A 9.D 10.D 11.D 12.B 13.D 14.A 15.C 16.C 17.B 18.A 19.B 20.C 21.D 22.A 23.A 24.D 25.D 26.B 27.A 28.C 29.C 30.C 31.D 32.C 33.C 34.A 35.D 36.D 37.A 38.C 39.A 40.D 41.C 42.D 43.D 44.D 45.D 46.A 47.A 48.C 49.D 50.D


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